The entire 24-hour skin care system of Dr.Dr. Ilsabe Bunge

Dr.Dr. Bunge developed the 24-hour skin care system based on medical research and the specific needs of her patients. It uses the latest advances in anti-aging science, combining high-dosed ingredients for care and to prevent premature aging.

24h 200px Q10 Ampullen Hyaluron-Silber Ampulle

Dr.Dr. Bunge 24 h Cream based on botanical active ingredienst. For sensitive, delicate skin.

“Every skin loses it's natural moisture content over the years, environmental influences also leads to the formation of wrinkles."

Dr.Dr. Bunge Q10 ampoules based on botanical active ingredienst. For sensitive, dry skin.

“Sometimes you want to do something very specifically your skin.”

Dr.Dr. Bunge hyaluronic silver ampoule. Combination of hyaluronic acid and silver for all skin types, even for sensitive, easily irritable skin.

“I want to protect my skin and assist in it's function, but not overwhelming.”

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