Q10 Ampoules

Q10 Ampullen

Dr. Dr. Bunge Q10 Ampoules are based on botanical active ingredients.
For sensitive or dry skin.

"Our skin loses its natural moisture content over the years. In addition, environmental factors can worsen wrinkles".

That’s why the Q10 serum was developed. The latest insights into anti-aging science and the most effective components to create a concentrated active formula are used to combat visible signs of skin aging and wrinkling.
I have created my Q10 serum because it is essential for proper cell metabolism which is important for cell vitality. It also supports the skin as an effective antioxidant in the defense against free radicals that contribute to skin aging.
In addition, borage oil grooms the skin with its omega fatty acids (vitamin F) and provides essential nutrients. Q10 is well-known in high-quality skincare products as a proven anti-aging agent.