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Dr Dr Bunge
Dr. med., Dr. rer. nat.
Ilsabe Bunge

The entire 24-hour skin care system
of Dr. Dr. Ilsabe Bunge

"I just wanted a cream, that
caress my skin for 24 hours"

I put years of experience and knowledge
as a practicing dermatologist in developing
my own line of cosmetics.

Beside the dermatological and skin care issues,
the main task of my cosmetic is to give this
pleasant feeling and sensation when creaming
the skin.

And I wanted something Uncomplicated.
So I developed the 24 hour skin care system
with "24 hour Cream", the ampoules "Q10"
for dry skin and "hyaluronic Silver" for all
skin types.

Unterschrift Dr Bunge
Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Ilsabe Bunge


Dermatest seal "5 Star Guarantee".
applied allpossibilities of
compatibility andefficiencytestingand
certifiedfantasticskin compatibility.

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1970 Final high school examination
1970-1976 Study of food chemistry at the University of Muenster/ Germany
1979 Ph.D. in biochemistry
1980-1985 Study of medicine at the University of Muenster
1985-1987 Hypertension studies assistant in the medical department of Ciba-Geigy
1988 M.D. in medicine
1987-1991 Medical specialization in dermatology, venerology and allergology at the dermatological hospital in Minden/ Germany and at the Hornheide Hospital/ University of Muenster (special hospital for the treatment of skin cancers)
1992 Specialist degree in dermatology and venerology
1992-1993 Allergology - dermatology assistant in private practice of Dr. Stary/ Werne/ Germany
1993 Specialist degree in allergology
1993-2009 Established my own practice for dermatology, venerology, allergology an environmental medicine in Steinfurt/Germany
2000 Specialist degree in environmental medicine
2004 Specialist degree in cosmetic dermatology
2004 Specialist degree in dermatological laser therapy
2010 To present private practice for dermatology, allergology, cosmetic dermatology and laser therapy in Muenster, dermatology consultant for Dermatest Medical Research Company in Muenster